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Dimanche 21 Juillet > Samedi 27 Juillet 2013
Prix des places à partir de : 129€ EUR  
Site de l'évènement : : Metaldays 2013

Slovénie Slovénie

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Metaldays 2013
Metaldays 2013


Le Metalcamp change de nom !

Communiqué de l'orga :

"You probably wonder what will happen to Metalcamp Slovenia. Well, basically it stays as it is. Metalcamp was great, and we all are really proud that we were the pioneers in merging Metal and holiday. We at Metal Holiday will continue with a slight change: In 2013 we will celebrate it's 10th year with a new name: METALDAYS. Why? It's more than a CAMP - it's almost a WEEK of pure Metal fun! The new name also stands for a closer dialog with you, our valued guests. Help us to make the 10th year the best: share your wishes and suggestions in our survey - and win one of the prizes as a reward for your kind help!"

Places en vente à partir du 1er septembre 2012


Metaldays 2013 - Map

Metaldays 2013 - Running Order 22/07/2013

Metaldays 2013 - Running Order 23/07/2013

Metaldays 2013 - Running Order 24/07/2013

Metaldays 2013 - Running Order 25/07/2013

Metaldays 2013 - Running Order 26/07/2013

Détail des groupes

Heavy Metal
Metal, Thrash Metal
Technical &, Progressive Death Metal
Pirate Metal
Extreme Metal
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Slavic Pagan, Folk Metal
Heavy Black Thrash
Death Old School
ThrashMetal, Heavy Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Metal, Electro, Indus
Epic Doom Metal
      Chained Pistons
Thrash Metal
Melodic, Death, Epic Metal
Death Epic Folk Metal
Death Metal
Melodic folk metal
Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Death Metal, Grindcore
Thrash Metal
Southern Rock, Punk, Blues
Power Metal
Heroic Fantasy Power Metal
Necromantic Metal
Death Metal
Black-prog Metal
Thrash Metal
Heavy Metal
      Last Day Here
Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Progressive Metal
Black Metal
Experimental Metal
Heavy Metal
      Nemesis My Enemy
Power Metal
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Dark Extreme Metal
Thrash Metal
      Parasol Caravan
Doom, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Power Metal
Dark Metal
Heavy, Thrash Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Extreme Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
Power Metal
Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
Medieval Metal, Folk Metal
Blackened Death Metal
Helnorsk SvartMetall
Post, Sludge, Noise
Atmospheric Symphonic Metal
Death Metal Punk
Black Metal
Battle Metal
Thrash Metal moderne
Death Metal
Death Metal

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