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Date de création : 2017
Nombre d'éditions dans l'agenda : 2
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Têtes d'affiches

2018 Avenged Sevenfold - Guns N Roses - Ozzy Osbourne
2017 Linkin Park - Prophets Of Rage - System Of A Down
Groupes fréquents

'77 1
A Day To Remember 1


Download Festival Madrid 2018
Download Festival Madrid 2018
28/06/2018 - 30/06/2018
   150‚ā¨ EUR   52 groupes
Madrid, Espagne

Download Festival Madrid 2017
Download Festival Madrid 2017
22/06/2017 - 24/06/2017
   58 groupes      
Madrid, Espagne

Liste des groupes ayant participé au festival (110)

'77 2018Hard Rock
A Day To Remember 2017Hardcore
A Perfect Circle 2018
Adrift 2018
Against The Waves 2017
Altair (es) 2018
Angelus Apatrida 2018Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Ankor (es) 2018
Anti-karaoke 2018
Aphonnic 2018
Apocalyptica 2017Rock, Metal, Classical
Arcane Roots 2017Rock
Arch Enemy 2018Pure Fucking Metal
Avatar 2017
Avenged Sevenfold 2018Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Backyard Babies 2018
Baroness 2018Rock, Indie, Metal
Bat Sabbath 2017Rock, Metal, Hardcore
Black Peaks 2017
Blaze Out 2017
Brujeria 2017Grindcore, Death Metal
Bullet For My Valentine 2018Metal
Carcass 2018
Carpenter Brut 2018
Catorce 2018
Childrain 2017
Clutch 2018Rock
Cobra 2017
Code Orange 2017Hardcore
Creeper 2018Punk
Crim 2018
Crisix 2018Thrash
Crossfaith 2018Metal, Hardcore, Electronica
Dark Tranquillity 2017Metal
Dawn Of The Maya 2017
Deafheaven 2017
Ego Kill Talent 2018Rock
Eon (es) 2018
Every Time I Die 2017Metal, Hardcore, Southern Rock
Exhorder 2018Thrash/Groove Metal
Five Finger Death Punch 2017Heavy Metal
Foscor 2018
Galactic Empire 2018
God Damn (uk) 2017
Gojira 2017Death Metal
Guns N Roses 2018
Hacktivist 2017
Hamlet 2017
House Of Pain 2017
Hummano 2018Metal, Hardcore, Deathcore
Iced Earth 2017Metal
In Flames 2017Metal
In This Moment 2018Rock, Metal, Alternative
Inmune 2017
Iron Reagan 2018Hardcore, Punk, Metal
Jardin De La Croix 2017Math-Rock, Post Rock, Progressive Rock
Judas Priest 2018Heavy Metal
Kaiser Franz Josef 2018Rock
Kaothic 2017
Kreator 2018Thrash Metal
Kvelertak 2017Punk-Hardcore
L7 2018
Late To Scream 2017
Leather Heart 2018
Linkin Park 2017
Lizzies 2017
Madball 2018Hardcore
Marilyn Manson 2018Suicide Rock
Mastodon 2017Metal, Rock, Progressive
Meltdown (es) 2018
Ministry 2017Industrial Metal
Monster Magnet 2017
Moose Blood 2018Emo
Motionless In White 2017Metalcore, Goth
Myrath 2017
Myrkur 2018
Nofx 2017Punk Rock
Opeth 2017Progressive Rock, Metal
Ozzy Osbourne 2018
Parkway Drive 2018Metal, Hardcore
Pennywise 2018Punk
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons 2017Hard Rock
Porco Bravo 2017
Prophets Of Rage 2017
Raveneye 2017Rock
Rise Against 2018Punk Rock
Shinedown 2018Rock
Skindred 2017Ragga Punk Metal
Solstafir 2017Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
Somas Cure 2017
Suicidal Tendencies 2017Punk
Syberia 2017Rock Instrumental
System Of A Down 2017
Teething 2018Hardcore, Grindcore
Tesseract 2018Progressive, Groove, Experimental, Metal
The Charm The Fury 2017Metal
The Cult 2017
The Hellacopters 2018
The Pink Slips 2018Punk, Rock, Synthpop, New Wave
Thrice 2018
Touche Amore 2017
Triggerfinger 2017Rock/Alternative/Classic Rock
Trono De Sangre 2017
Underoath 2018
Virgen 2017
Volbeat 2018
We Ride 2017
Wormed 2017Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal
Zebrahead 2017
Zeke 2017Speedrock