Date de création : 2013
Nombre d'Ă©ditions dans l'agenda : 6
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TĂŞtes d'affiches

2018 Accept - Behemoth - Children Of Bodom - Judas Priest
2017 Amon Amarth - Marilyn Manson - Opeth
2016 At The Gates - Blind Guardian - Kreator - Testament
2015 Black Label Society - Dream Theater - Saxon
2014 Megadeth - Opeth - Sabaton - Volbeat
2013 In Flames - King Diamond
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Cattle Decapitation 3
Drakum 3
Shining 3
Accept 2
Alestorm 2
Arkona 2


Metaldays 2018
Metaldays 2018
22/07/2018 - 28/07/2018
   47 groupes
Tolmin, Slovénie

Metaldays 2017
Metaldays 2017
23/07/2017 - 29/07/2017
   118 groupes
Tolmin, Slovénie

Metaldays 2016
Metaldays 2016
24/07/2016 - 30/07/2016
   89 groupes   
Tolmin, Slovénie

Metaldays 2015
Metaldays 2015
19/07/2015 - 25/07/2015
   129€ EUR   67 groupes      
Tolmin, Slovénie

Metaldays 2014
Metaldays 2014
20/07/2014 - 26/07/2014
   135€ EUR   84 groupes
Tolmin, Slovénie

Metaldays 2013
Metaldays 2013
21/07/2013 - 27/07/2013
   129€ EUR   109 groupes      
Tolmin, Slovénie

Liste des groupes ayant participé au festival (465)

1000mods 2018Psychedelic Stoner Roc
4arm 2013Metal, Thrash Metal
Aaven 2017
Abbath 2017Black Metal
Abinchova 2014
Aborted 2014Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore
Absu 2017
Accept 2018, 2015Metal
Acid Death 2013Technical &, Progressive Death Metal
Adam Bomb 2015
African Corpse 2014
Agan 2013
Alcest 2014
Alestorm 2018, 2013Patagonian Pirate Polka
Alogia 2014
Alpha Tiger 2014Heavy Metal
Altair 2015Power, prog Metal
Amaroth 2014
Amon Amarth 2017Melodic Death Metal
Amorgen 2017
Amorphis 2014Progressive Metal
Anaal Nathrakh 2013Extreme Metal
Angelus Apatrida 2017Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Annihilator 2013Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Anvil 2015Metal
Any Given Day 2018Metal
Arch Enemy 2015Pure Fucking Metal
Archgoat 2015Death Black Metal
Architects 2017
Arkona 2016, 2013Slavic Pagan, Folk Metal
Arsea 2013
Artillery 2014
As It Comes 2014
Asphyx 2014Death Metal
At The Gates 2016Death Metal
Attick Demons 2013Heavy-Metal
Audrey Horne 2015Hardrock
Aura Noir 2013Thrash Metal
Avatar 2015
Aversions Crown 2017Heavy Metal
Avicularia 2013
Balkan Attack 2015
Battle Beast 2018Heavy Metal
Battlesword 2017
Batushka 2017Black metal
Beheaded 2014
Behemoth 2018, 2015Black Metal, Death Metal
Belphegor 2018Death Metal
Benediction 2013
Benighted 2014Brutal Death, Grind
Blaakyum 2013ThrashMetal, Heavy Metal
Black Diamond 2014
Black Label Society 2015Metal, Rock
Blaze Of Sorrow 2016
Bleed From Within 2013
Bliksem 2013Metal
Blind Guardian 2016Progressive Power Metal
Blood Ages 2017Death Metal
Bloodbath 2017
Bloodshot Dawn 2013Melodic Death Metal
Blues Pills 2017, 2015Blues, Rock, Soul
Blynd 2013Metal
Bolzer 2018Black, Death
Bombers 2017
Borknagar 2014Norwegian extreme Metal
Botanist 2017
Brutal Truth 2013
Brutality Will Prevail 2014Hardcore
Burn Fuse 2017
Bury Tomorrow 2016Metal
Butcher Babies 2015Metal
Calderah 2013
Calling Of Lorme 2013Metal, Electro, Indus
Cancer 2017
Candlemass 2013Epic Doom Metal
Cannibal Corpse 2018, 2015Death Metal
Carcass 2015
Carnage Calligraphy 2017
Carnifex 2015Modern Death Metal
Carrion 2018, 2017
Cattle Decapitation 2016, 2015, 2014Death Metal Progressive Grind
Centuries 2017Hardcore Punk
Chain Of Dogs 2014
Chained Pistons 2013
Children Of Bodom 2018, 2014Melodic death metal
Chontaraz 2017
Chronosphere 2013
Cold Snap 2018, 2013
Coma 2013
Condemnatio Cristi 2014
Cordura 2014
Coroner 2018Technical Thrash Metal
Cripper 2014, 2013Thrash Metal
Crisix 2017Thrash
Crossholder 2014
Cruel Humanity 2014
Cryptex 2016Progressive Rock
Dark Funeral 2016
Dark Salvation 2013
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult 2018Black Metal
Darkest Horizon 2013Melodic, Death, Epic Metal
Darkest Hour 2015Thrash,Metal,Punk
Darkfall 2014
Dead End 2017, 2016Death, Doom Metal
Dead Label 2016Metal
Dead Territory 2014
Deadend In Venice 2014Power, Melodic Death Metal
Deadlock 2015
Death Alley 2018
Death Angel 2017, 2015
Delain 2016Gothic Rock, Symphonic Metal
Demonic Resurrection 2015
Deserted Fear 2016Death Metal
DevilDriver 2016Metal
Devin Townsend Project 2015Progressive Rock, Metal and a whole lot more
Diablo Blvd 2015Metal, Rock
Diamond Head 2018
Dickless Tracy 2013
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2016
Dirge 2016Post metal
Divided Multitude 2015Metal
Dool 2017Dark rock
Dordeduh 2017Rock
Doro 2017Heavy Metal
Double Crush Syndrome 2016
Downfall Of Gaia 2014
Dr. Living Dead 2015
Dragonforce 2016Metal
Drakum 2016, 2014, 2013Death Epic Folk Metal
Dream Theater 2015Progressive, Metal
Duirvir 2014
Dying Fetus 2016, 2013Death Metal
Ebony Archways 2017
Edge Of Serenity 2015Melodic Metal
Einherjer 2016
Electric Wizard 2016Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal
Elferya 2016Metal Symphonique
Eluveitie 2018, 2015Folk Metal
Emergency Gate 2015, 2013
Emil Bulls 2015Rock
Ensiferum 2018, 2013Melodic folk metal
Enslaved 2013Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Entrophe 2016Dark/Death Metal
Epica 2018Symphonic Metal
Equilibrium 2017German Epic Metal
Eruption 2016Thrash Metal
Eternal Deformity 2013
Evil Invaders 2017Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Exhumed 2013Death Metal, Grindcore
Exodus 2016Thrash Metal
Extreme Smoke 57 2013
Exumer 2013Thrash Metal
Eyehategod 2013Southern Rock, Punk, Blues
Fallen Tyrant 2017
Fallen Utopia 2014
Fear Factory 2015Metal, Industrial
Fir Bolg 2017
Firespawn 2017Death Metal
Firtan 2018, 2017Black Metal
Fit For An Autopsy 2017Death Metal
Flesh 2015Heavy Electronic
Fleshdoll 2016Death Metal
Fogalord 2016Epic Metal
For I Am A King 2017
Fractal Universe 2017Progressive, Technical Death Metal
From The Depth 2014, 2013Power Metal
Gama Bomb 2016Thrash, Razor Metal, New Wave Of Irish Ripping Metal
Ghost Brigade 2014
Girlschool 2018Hard Rock, NWoBHM, Heavy Metal
Gloryful 2016Heavy Metal
Gloryhammer 2013
Goathwhore 2017
Goatwhore 2018Metal
Gold 2014
Gonoba 2013
Grand Magus 2017Metal
Grave 2014
Grave Digger 2017
Graveworm 2013
Graveyard 2016Hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock
Greybeards 2017Alternativ, Rock
Grime 2017
Gust 2017
Gutalax 2017, 2016gore n roll
Hackneyed 2016
Halo Creation 2016Death Metal
Hardcore Superstar 2015
Hate 2018
Hatebreed 2018Hardcore, Metal, Punk
Havok 2014Thrash Metal
Heaven Shall Burn 2017, 2014Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal
Hecate Enthroned 2018
Helheim 2014Black Metal
Hell 2017
Hellcrawler 2017
Helslave 2014
Herfst 2013Necromantic Metal
Hirax 2015Thrash Metal
Horna 2016
Howling On The Fog 2016Black Metal
Hypocrisy 2013Death Metal
Iced Earth 2017, 2013Metal
Igorrr 2018
Ihsahn 2013Black-prog Metal
Immolation 2016, 2014
Immorgon 2017
Imperium 2013
In Flames 2013Metal
In Solitude 2014
In The Crossfire 2017
Incantation 2016Death/Black Metal
Incinery 2013Thrash Metal
Inciter 2014
Infected Chaos 2017
Infernal Tenebra 2016
Infestus 2015Black Metal
Inquisition 2014Black Metal
Insomnium 2016Melodic Death Metal
Internal Bleeding 2015Death Metal
Inverted Pussyfix 2013
Jess Cox 2016
Jinjer 2018Groove Metal, progressive Metalcore, female vocal
Jioda 2016Happy Metal
Judas Priest 2018Heavy Metal
Kadavar 2017, 2014Hard Rock
Kain 2016
Kampfar 2015Black Metal
Karlahan 2013
Karnak 2013
Kataklysm 2015Melodic Death Metal
Katana 2017Heavy Metal
Katatonia 2017Doom/Death Metal
King Diamond 2013
Kissin' Dynamite 2013Heavy Metal
Kobra And The Lotus 2017Hard Rock, Metal
Kreator 2016Thrash Metal
Krisiun 2017, 2016
Krokodil 2015
Kryn 2015Modern Metal
Larceny 2016
Last Day Here 2013
Layment 2016Heavy Metal
Legion Of The Damned 2013Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Leprous 2013
Lik 2017
Little Dead Bertha 2016
Loathe 2017
Lock Up 2013
Lord Shades 2014
Lords Of Black 2018Heavy Metal
Lost Society 2017Braindead Thrash Metal
Loudness 2018, 2017
M.O.D. 2015Crossover Thrash, Hardcore Punk
MGLA 2017
Macabre 2017
Malevolence 2015
Manilla Road 2014
Manntra 2015Balkan Rock
Mantar 2018Black Metal Doom Punk
Marduk 2016Black Metal
Marilyn Manson 2017Suicide Rock
Mayhem 2013Black Metal
Megadeth 2014Thrash Metal
Melechesh 2016Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal, Mesopotamian Metal
Mephistophelian 2014Death Metal
Meshuggah 2013Experimental Metal
Meta-stasis 2013
Metal Allegiance 2018
Metal Church 2013Heavy Metal
Metalsteel 2014
Minotauro 2015Power Metal
Mist 2016Doom, Heavy Metal
Monolithe 2016Doom Metal
Moonsorrow 2014
Moonspell 2015Dark Metal
Morana 2016Melodic Death Metal
Moros 2018, 2017Death/Thrash Metal
Morywa 2017, 2016Progressive Death Metal
Mouth Of The Architect 2013
Municipal Waste 2018
Mustasch 2013
My Dying Bride 2014, 2013
Mynded 2017, 2016Thrash Metal
Myriad Lights 2017
Mystery 2013
Na Cruithne 2017, 2016Folk Metal
Nameless Day Ritual 2016Metal-fusion
Napalm Death 2016Grindcore, Metal
Ne Obliviscaris 2015Progressive, extreme, melodic Metal
Nemesis My Enemy 2013
Nemost 2017, 2016Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
Nervosa 2015Thrash Metal
Neurotech 2013
Nightmare 2016, 2013
Noctiferia 2015
Nocturnal Depression 2014
Nolentia 2016
Nord 2017Pyché Rock, Electro, Post-rock, Jazz-rock
Novacrow 2017
Nuclear Chaos 2014
Nya 2013
Obituary 2018, 2014Florida Death Metal
Obscura 2016Death Metal, Progressive, Metal
Obscurity 2016Death, Black, Viking Metal
Omophagia 2017Death Metal
Onslaught 2013
Opeth 2017, 2014Progressive Rock, Metal
Orange Goblin 2013Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Orphaned Land 2016Oriental Metal
Ortega 2017
Otargos 2013Dark Extreme Metal
Overkill 2013Thrash Metal
Overtures 2017
Pain 2017Industrial Metal
Pain Is 2017
Painful 2016Black / Death Metal
Pantaleon 2017
Parasol Caravan 2013
Penitenziagite 2016Death Metal
Pentagram 2013Doom, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Persefone 2017Progressive Death Metal
Phantasmagoria 2013
Pikes Edge 2017
Possessed 2014
Powerwolf 2013Heavy Metal
Primordial 2018, 2013Primordial Metal
Profane Omen 2015
Prong 2014Metal, Industrial, Hardcore
Psykosis 2015Thrash Metal
Pyrexia 2014Death Metal
Queensryche 2015
Rage 2018Heavy, Speed, Power Metal
Rapid Force 2017
Rapid Strike 2013Heavy, Thrash Metal
Raven 2017
Ravenblood 2013
Rectal Smegma 2017
Rest In Fear 2014, 2013Melodic Death Metal
Retrace My Fragments 2016Progressive Death Metal
Reverend Hound 2017
Riot V 2014Metal, Hard Rock
Rise Of The Northstar 2016Punk hardcore, Metalcore
Rising Dream 2013Metal
Rising Storm 2014
Rosetta 2016Metal, Hardcore, Noise
Rossomahaar 2016
Rotten Sound 2018
Rotting Christ 2015Black, Dark, Metal
Roxin' Palace 2014
Sabaium 2016
Sabaton 2014Power metal, Heavy metal
Sabbath Judas Sabbath 2013
Sacred Reich 2016
Sacred Steel 2015
Saltatio Mortis 2014Medieval metal
Samael 2013Metal
Sanctuary 2017
Sanity's Rage 2016
Sapiency 2014
Sarcasm 2016Thrash Metal
Sarcom 2016Groove, Death Metal
Sasquatch 2017
Satyricon 2014
Saxon 2015Heavy Metal
Scarab 2014
Scarred 2016
Schammasch 2018
Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench 2015Death Metal
Secrets Of The Moon 2016Occult Metal/Rock
Seduced 2016Black Death Metal
Selfmachine 2017Modern Metal
Septicflesh 2016Symphonic Death Metal
Sepultura 2015Metal, Hardcore, Thrash
Serenity 2016Symphonic Metal
Seven Spires 2017
Shining 2018, 2017, 2013Extreme Metal
Shot Down 2017
Sinister 2017
Sisters Of Suffocation 2018
Skalmold 2016
Skelfir 2014
Skindred 2016, 2015Ragga Punk Metal
Skyforger 2016Pagan, Folk, Thrash, Black Metal
Sleepers' Guilt 2018Melodic Death Metal
SleepersÂ? Guilt 2017
Slomind 2015Heavy-Fuzz Rock
Snake Eater 2017
Sober Assault 2018, 2017
Soen 2014Progressive Rock / Metal
Soilwork 2013Melodic Death Metal
Solstafir 2017, 2013Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
Sonata Arctica 2013Power Metal
Space Unicorn On Fire 2014, 2013
Spasm 2017
Spitfire 2013
Srd 2017
Steel Engraved 2013Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
Stormcast 2013
Stortregn 2017Blackened Death Metal
Subway To Sally 2013Medieval Metal, Folk Metal
Suffocation 2014
Suicidal Angels 2017Thrash Metal
Suicide Silence 2015Death Metal, Metal
Svart Crown 2013Blackened Death Metal
Taake 2013Helnorsk SvartMetall
Tears Of Martyr 2017
Testament 2016Thrash Metal
The Black Court 2017
The Black Dahlia Murder 2015Melodic Death Metal
The Canyon Observer 2016, 2013Post, Sludge, Noise
The Contortionist 2015Progressive Metal
The Crawling 2017
The Devil 2015
The Foreshadowing 2017Gothic Doom Metal
The Gates Of Slumber 2013
The Great Discord 2017
The Loudest Silence 2013Atmospheric Symphonic Metal
The Rotted 2013Death Metal Punk
The Stone 2016Black Metal
Thorns Of Heresy 2014
Tiamat 2014
Torche 2013Rock
Torture Pit 2014
Total Annihilation 2014
Toxic Holocaust 2015Thrash Metal, Punk
Transceatla 2017
Tremonti 2018
Triosphere 2017
Tsjuder 2013Black Metal
Turbowarrior Of Steel 2017
Turisas 2013
Turning Golem 2014
Tyrmfar 2017Black, Death Melodique
Tytus 2017
Ultha 2018
Under The Abyss 2013Thrash Metal moderne
Unearth 2015Metalcore
Unleashed 2013Death Metal
Vader 2014Death Metal
Valient Thorr 2014
Valkyrja 2016Black Metal
Vallorch 2013
Vanderbuyst 2014Hard Rock
Varg 2016
Vasectomy 2017
Venom 2017NWOBHM, Black Metal, Speed Metal
Vexovoid 2017
Victims Of Creation 2016Doom, Death Metal
Visions Of Atlantis 2017Symphonic Metal
Volbeat 2014
Vreid 2015Black'n Roll
Vuur 2018Progressive Metal
Warbringer 2017
Watain 2018Black Metal
Weeping Silence 2016, 2014Gothic/Doom Metal
Wehrmacht 2015
Whorion 2017
Wintersun 2013
Witchfynde 2017
Within Destruction 2014, 2013Death Metal
Xandria 2017Symphonic Metal
Year Of No Light 2015Heavy Epicus shoegaze
Zanthropya Ex 2014
Zaria 2014
Zayn 2017