The Lebanese Metal Scene has been going through a serious case of hybernation and the reason is the lack of international metal bands! 

Beirut Metal Fest 2017 is the first edition of a yearly festival, taking place in Beirut, Lebanon and will feature big names from the metal world.

Date & Venue:
29th of April
Concrete 1994

The tickets are sold at Antoine Libriaries (all branches) and online at Antoine Online (Link:

- $40 (Early Birds available until March 12th only, 1 drink included)
- $50 (After March 15th, 2 drinks included)
- $70 (Open Bar and Meet&Greet, lounge section)
70$ ticket holders will have their own lounge section and will get to hang out with the bands - very limited tickets.

Programmation / Liste des groupes

(7 groupes) :

Tête d'affiche
Black Metal, Thrash Metal

Premières parties / Invités
Symphonic Metal
Thrash/Death Metal
Psycho-blackened Death Metal
Doom Death Metal
Death, Thrash Metal
Melodic Metalcore


  Concrete 1994

Affiche / Flyer

Beirut Metal Fest 2017
Beirut Metal Fest 2017