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Vendredi 25 Juillet > Dimanche 27 Juillet 2014
Site de l'évènement : : Carpathian Alliance Fest

Ukraine Ukraine

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Carpathian Alliance Fest
Carpathian Alliance Fest


CARPATHIAN ALLIANCE METAL FESTIVAL is an international festival that is situated on the territory of “Zakhar Berkut” tourist centre in Volosyanka village, 6 km from Slavske village (a very well-known Ukrainian mountain ski resort), where there is the longest in the Carpathians chair-lift - 2800 meters long, numerous comfortable hotels and manors for every taste and budget. Using this chair-lift visitors will get up straight to the top of “High Top” mountain, where a big number of interesting and high-powered European heavy scene bands and guests from other countries from all over the world will make great shows.


Carpathian Alliance Fest 2014 - Running Order

Détail des groupes

Extreme Metal
barbaric black Metal
Black Metal, Death Metal
Death Metal
Norwegian extreme Metal
Black Metal
Pagan Metal
Black Metal
Black Metal
Folk Black Metal
Helnorsk SvartMetall
Mittelalter, Rock, Alternative
Blackened Pagan Metal
True Norwegian Balkan Metal
Black Metal

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