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Jeudi 21 Mars 2019
Site de l'évènement : : Download Festival Japan 2019

Makuhari Messe - International Exhibition Hall
Japon Japon

Affiche / Flyer

Download Festival Japan 2019
Download Festival Japan 2019


Download Festival is the home of rock music in the UK, and takes place on the sacred grounds of Donington Park, which has been associated with rock since the eighties. We are thrilled to bring this festival to Japan for the first time on 21 March 2019!
Get ready to headbang your hearts out to the cream of rock, punk, hardcore, classic rock, pop-punk, death metal and much, much more!

Ozzy has been forced to cancel his appearance at Download Japan 2019 on doctor’s orders

Détail des groupes

Heavy Metal
Thrash Metal
Modern Melodic Metal
Thrash metal
Pure Fucking Metal
Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Rock
Hard Rock
Hard Rock
Punk Rock

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