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Eskimo Callboy Live in Johannesburg:

Eskimo Callboy – German Electrocore band: Their sound mixes a lot of danceable riffs into a catchy brew, that is garnished with mean breakdowns and deep shouts. From one second to the other the listener is catapulted from the glossy disco dance floor into a sweaty moshpit and a few moments later he finds himself in a nightclub where he gets another shot at the bar. They Are The Mess!


Date: Friday 28th of October 2016


Line up:

Eskimo Callboy – 21:30

Reverse The Sands – 20:30

Riddlebreak – 19:30



Bassline - JHB

10 Henry Nxumalo St


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Melodic Deathcore, Metalcore, Djent, Metal
Alt Prog Metal


  10 Henry Nxumalo Street
  2001 Johannesburg
  Afrique du Sud

Affiche / Flyer

Eskimo Callboy SA Tour 2016
Eskimo Callboy SA Tour 2016

Tour : Eskimo Callboy - South African Tour 2016
Afrique du Sud 28/10/2016 Johannesburg
Afrique du Sud 29/10/2016 Cape Town