Mardi 12 Mars 2019
Prix des places à partir de : 28€ EUR  
Site de l'évènement : : Kamelot à Mulhouse, FR au Noumatrouff

Rue Alain Bashung, 68100 Mulhouse
Alsace, France France

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Kamelot à Mulhouse, FR au Noumatrouff
Kamelot à Mulhouse, FR au Noumatrouff


Kamelot au Noumatrouff, FR le 12 mars 2019


KAMELOT Announce Shadow Empire Tour 2019 European II

Special guests Evergrey + Visions Of Atlantis

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KAMELOT are pleased to announce the second European Leg of “The Shadow Tour”. Dates begin March 8th in Nijmegen, Netherlands and run through March 23rd, in Prestatyn, UK. A complete list of dates can be found below. 
“We’re very excited to announce we’re bringing “The Shadow Empire Tour” to Europe for another round. On the previous tour we missed some of our favorite cities and we will be making some new setlists for the second run. 

The band’s latest music video for the song “MindFall Remedy” chronicles live footage taken from KAMELOT's 2018 North American tour and offers a glimpse of what you can expect when the band takes the stage. Watch the video HERE:

KAMELOT “Shadow Empire Tour” 2019:

08.03 NL Nijmegen
09.03 NL Amsterdam
10.03 BE Antwerp
12.03 FR Mulhouse
13.03 CH Monthey
15.03 DE Bochum
16.03 CH Zürich
18.03 DE Nuremberg
19.03 DE Bremen
21.03 UK Manchester
22.03 UK Birmingham
23.03 UK Prestatyn

All live dates and ticket info at

Détail des groupes

Dark Melodic Metal
Rock, Metal, Prog
Symphonic Metal

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