Samedi 5 Mai 2018
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Metal United World Wide 2018
Metal United World Wide 2018


One date. One banner. Metal shows everywhere. Join us for Metal United m/ 

Johannesburg will be participating in the 2018 Metal United World Wide event, which sees over 50 cities from around the globe all hosting metal shows in one united front. 

Johannesburg will feature: 
My Columbine
Sistas of Metal
Adorned in Ash
Demogoroth Satanum
Mutually Assured Destruction

Solsken Clothing
No Reason Clothing
No Reason Clothing
Ayame Designs

Entry: R100

To find out more about Metal United World Wide check out the following link:

To take part in the event contact with the heading MUWW

Tour : Metal United World Wide 2018
Lettonie 05/05/2018 Riga
Estonie 05/05/2018 Tallinn
Pérou 05/05/2018 Lima
Uruguay 05/05/2018 Montevideo
Botswana 05/05/2018 Gaborone
Mongolie 05/05/2018 Ulaanbaatar
Afrique du Sud 05/05/2018 Cape Town
Canada 05/05/2018 Québec
Chine 05/05/2018 Wuhan
Australie 05/05/2018 Gold Cost
Canada 05/05/2018 Calgary
Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée 05/05/2018 Port Moresby
Mozambique 05/05/2018 Maputo
Panama 05/05/2018 Panama City
Pologne 05/05/2018 Szczecin
Thailande 05/05/2018 Bangkok
Allemagne 05/05/2018 Tirana
Equateur 05/05/2018 Quito
Chine 05/05/2018 Lanzhou
Chine 05/05/2018 Fuzhou
Indonésie 05/05/2018 Pasuruan City
Taiwan 05/05/2018 Taipei
Ukraine 05/05/2018 Kyiv
Argentine 05/05/2018 Buenos Aires
Kazakhstan 05/05/2018 Oskemen
Australie 05/05/2018 Collingwood
Costa Rica 05/05/2018 Santa María de Dota
Suisse 05/05/2018 Naters
Chine 05/05/2018 Hangzhou
Turquie 05/05/2018 Izmir
Singapour 05/05/2018 Singapore
Afrique du Sud 05/05/2018 Johannesburg
Zimbabwe 05/05/2018 Harare
Bolivie 05/05/2018 La Paz
Chine 05/05/2018 Zibo
Paraguay 05/05/2018 Fernando de la Mora
Australie 05/05/2018 Sydney