Mardi 17 Avril 2018
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Péniche Loupika
47 Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon
Rhone Alpes, France France

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Novelists + Landmvrks
Novelists + Landmvrks


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■ Novelists

After having NOVELISTS founded in Paris in early 2013 by the Durand brothers, they quickly joined forces with the former A CALL TO SINCERITY members Matt, Charly and Nicolas and released their first Single „Twenty Years“ already in April. Their fresh and distinguished sound was something the metal world didn’t expect. But this was only the beginning. They released 5 more singles and numerous videos within the next 10 months, culminating in the release of their Demo EP. By that time, in early 2014, NOVELISTS’ name and music had spread around the globe like a wildfire catching both the fans’ and the industry’s interest.While working with full force on the production of their first full length album, the demand for live shows was rising and lead NOVELISTS to play selective prestigious events like Euroblast Festival, Ghostfest, and Damage Fest, before they played all over Europe alongside I, THE BREATHER at the end of 2014.Empowered with this new live experience NOVELISTS finished the production of their debutAlbum in early 2015. It was time to raise the bar again and to increase the pressure even more. In March, the first single from the upcoming album „Gravity“ was released with a video, gathering over 100k plays in less than 3 weeks.NOVELISTS had become a rising star within the progressive metal scene, ready to release their highly anticipated first album „Souvenirs“.„Souvenirs“ was released via Arising Empire on the 13th of November 2015, right after a European tour with german band Annisokay.


Le groupe est basé sur la région Marseillaise, son line-up définitif fut trouvé en 2014. C'est avec pugnacité que Landmvrks monte sur scène en nous délivrant un métalcore teinté de mélodies mais aussi de riffs ravageurs et de moshs parts assassines. Le groupe a partagé la scène avec de nombreuses formations nationales et internationales telles que : More Than Life (UK), Polar (UK), First Blood (USA)...

■ Beyond The Fate

Jeune groupe Lyonnais de Metalcore/Deathmelodic qui viendra vous montrer de quoi Lyon se chauffe.

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