Poison Idea have ended their hiatus and shall return to Europe this March and April. The band will perform at an extensive series of headlining dates in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The full list of dates can be found below. Meanwhile, Jerry A made the following statement...
"Poison Idea are happy to be going back to the U.K. and Europe, to pick up where we left off last year and finish our mission of spreading cheer and love through H.C./Thrash Deathpunk. After a very brief hiatus, we are back. Doing this for 30 plus years, sometimes the thing you love the most is what also wants to kill you. But we promise to deliver the goods, stick to our beliefs and tell the truth and nothing but. We've done it for this long, why change now? Looking forward to bringing it soon." - Jerry A./Poison Idea

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Punk Rock, Hardcore, Heavy Fucking Metal


ATC Attack

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Poison Idea - EU Tour 2016
Poison Idea - EU Tour 2016

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Croatie 25/06/2018 INmusic Festival 2018
Croatie 24/07/2018 Iron Maiden - Tour 2018
Prochains concerts du Pays :

Tour : Poison Idea - EU Spring Tour 2016
Pays-Bas 24/03/2016 Rotterdam
Allemagne 25/03/2016 Bremen
Belgique 26/03/2016 Aalst
Royaume Uni 27/03/2016 London
Royaume Uni 28/03/2016 Gateshead
Royaume Uni 29/03/2016 Bristol
Royaume Uni 30/03/2016 Leeds
France 01/04/2016 Paris
Allemagne 02/04/2016 Köln
Allemagne 03/04/2016 Karlsruhe
Allemagne 05/04/2016 Berlin
Allemagne 06/04/2016 Hamburg
Suède 07/04/2016 Malmö
Suède 08/04/2016 Gothenburg
Norvège 09/04/2016 Oslo
Pologne 10/04/2016 Gdansk
Pologne 12/04/2016 Legnica
Allemagne 13/04/2016 Dresden
République Tchèque 14/04/2016 Prague
Slovaquie 15/04/2016 Omoz
Croatie 16/04/2016 Zagreb
Autriche 17/04/2016 Wien / Vienna
Italie 19/04/2016 Bologna
Italie 20/04/2016 Milano
Suisse 21/04/2016 Luzern
Autriche 22/04/2016 Bregenz
Pays-Bas 23/04/2016 Amsterdam