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Samedi 21 Février > Dimanche 22 Février 2015
Prix des places à partir de : 185$ AUD  
Site de l'évènement : : Soundwave Festival 2015

Victoria, Australie Australie

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Soundwave Festival 2015
Soundwave Festival 2015


From official soundwave's website "Soundwave Festival 2015 will be held over 2 days in each city - Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. Half the bands play day one. The other half play day two. They criss-cross Saturday/Sunday in each city.

Adelaide & Melbourne will be the 1st weekend of the festival. The dates for these two cities are Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 of February.

Sydney and Brisbane will be the 2nd weekend of the festival; held over Saturday 28 February and Sunday 1 March.

The ticket price for the 2 days will be the same as last year. $185 + booking fees. These will be limited in number. There will also be a number of day tickets available at $120 + booking fees.

We are hoping that offering day tickets will make the festival experience available to those who may not be able to afford weekend tickets. Putting the line-up across 2 days enables us to minimise clashes; give bands longer sets, better staging, production & infrastructure. We are also hoping that this will give fans better value for money and a less stressful day

The entire lineup will be announced at once and weekend tickets will then go on sale. The lineup will then be split into individual days when day tickets go on sale.

In recent years we have lost great bands over too many bands wanting to play after dark. This new set-up also gives us twice the dark!"

Détail des groupes

Alternative Metal, experimental rock
Rock, Metal, Classical
Hardcore, Metal
Metal, Hardcore, Electronica
Industrial Metal
Thrash Metal
Metal, Industrial
Hip Hop, Rock, Metal
Heavy Metal
Metal, Hardcore
heavy, Thrash, grind, punk, Metal
Suicide Rock
Black Metal
Punk Rock Melo
Industrial Metal
Progressive Metal, Experimental Groove
Progressive, extreme, melodic Metal
Rock, Progressive, Alternative
Rock, Alternative
Rock, Punk, Pop Punk
Indie, Rock, Folk
Rock & F'n Roll
Glam metal
Psychedelic, Reggae, Ska, Doom, Metal, Punk, Rock
Rock, Post Hardcore
Punk, Ska
Punk Rock
Classic Rock, Rock, Punk
Punk Rock
Pop Punk

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