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Vendredi 11 Août 15h00 > Dimanche 13 Août 2017
Prix des places à partir de : 80€ EUR  
Genre : Metal
Site de l'évènement : : Vagos Metal Fest 2017

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Vagos Metal Fest is a metal festival, in Portugal, happening on the summer time, in the city of Vagos ( center of Portugal) 2hours from Lisbon, 1H from Porto. 

Really good acess, amazing landscape, near the nature and 15 mns away from the beach. 

It happens in an iconic place, Quinta Do Ega, with fantastic conditions for campimg. 

All types of Metal , from Helloween to Dark Funeral!! 

If you want and amazing , cheap and heavy vacations - VAGOS METAL FEST is your fest!! 

Programmation / Liste des groupes

(24 groupes) :


  Quinta do Ega
  Rua dos Bombeiros

Affiche / Flyer

Vagos Metal Fest 2017
Vagos Metal Fest 2017

Détail des groupes

Rock / Alternative / Metal
Pure Fucking Metal
Black metal
Symphonic Metal
Thrash, Razor Metal, New Wave Of Irish Ripping Metal
Death Metal
Heavy Metal
Folk Metal
Heavy Rock n'Roll Disaster
Heavy Metal
Primordial Metal
Cinematic Metal
Mathcore, Metal, Hardcore, Progressive, Experimental, Rock, Avant-Garde
NWOBHM, Black Metal, Speed Metal

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