Euroblast Festival

Date de création : 2008
Nombre d'éditions dans l'agenda : 5
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Têtes d'affiches

2018 Monuments - Vildhjarta
2017 Devin Townsend Project - Textures
2016 Animals As Leaders - Born Of Osiris - Veil Of Maya
2015 Between The Buried And Me - Cynic - Monuments
2014 Animals As Leaders - Sikth - Tesseract
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Kadinja 3
The Algorithm 3
Vola 3
Aliases 2
Animals As Leaders 2


Euroblast Festival 2018
Euroblast Festival 2018
05/10/2018 - 07/10/2018
   17 groupes
Köln, Allemagne

Euroblast Festival 2017
Euroblast Festival 2017
29/09/2017 - 01/10/2017
   40 groupes
Köln, Allemagne

Euroblast Festival 2016
Euroblast Festival 2016
30/09/2016 - 01/10/2016
   51 groupes
Köln, Allemagne

Euroblast Festival 2015
Euroblast Festival 2015
01/10/2015 - 03/10/2015
   50 groupes
Köln, Allemagne

Euroblast Festival 2014
Euroblast Festival 2014
02/10/2014 - 04/10/2014
   99€ EUR   37 groupes
Köln, Allemagne

Liste des groupes ayant participé au festival (169)

A Dark Orbit 2016
A Kew's Tag 2017
Aeolist 2015Progressive Metal
Agent Fresco 2014Rock
Alaya 2015
Aliases 2016, 2015Some Kind Of Metal
All Tomorrows 2016
Amber Sea 2016
Angel Vivaldi 2017
Anima Tempo 2016
Animals As Leaders 2016, 2014Experimental, Progressive, Metal
As They Burn 2014Metal
Astral Display 2014Progressive, Math Metal, Djent
Atlantis Chronicles 2017Modern Death Metal
Atlin 2017
Atmospheres 2015Progressive, Ambient Rock
Ayahuasca 2016Experimental Death Metal
Bear 2017, 2014Metal Hardcore Progressive
Benevolent 2014Extreme, Experimental, Metal
Betraying The Martyrs 2016Deathcore
Between The Buried And Me 2015
Beyond The Dust 2015Progressive Metal
Black Crown Initiate 2016
Born Of Osiris 2016Metal
Brutai 2014Metal
Caligula's Horse 2018Progressive Alternative Rock
Call The Mothership 2017
Car Bomb 2017
Carcer City 2016, 2014Scouse Metal
Chaosbay 2014Progressive Metal
Chimp Spanner 2014Progressive, Metal, Fusion
Circle Of Contempt 2014Metal, Progressive
Clawerfield 2016
Cold Night For Alligators 2016
Colonel Petrov's Good Judgement 2017
Controversial 2017
Crippled Black Phoenix 2018
Cyclamen 2015Metal, Alternate, Experimental
Cynic 2015progressive Metal, progressive rock, fusion
David Maxim Micic 2015
Dead Letter Circus 2016
Deadly Circus Fire 2016
Defrakt 2015Progressive Metal
Deity's Muse 2017Rock, Alternative, Metal
Destiny Potato 2015Pop
Destiny Potato / Sordid Pink 2018
Destrage 2015Metal, Rock, Alternative
Devil Sold His Soul 2015
Devin Townsend Project 2017Progressive Rock, Metal and a whole lot more
Dhark 2018
Dioramic 2014Art Core
Disperse 2016, 2015
Driven By Entropy 2017, 2014Progressive Death Metal, Djent
Dukatalon 2017
Eden Circus 2015
Enslaved 2016Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Eschar 2017
Exist Immortal 2016Metal, Metalcore, Experimental
Exivious 2017fusionMetal
Felix Martin 2014Progressive, Metal, Jazz
Foes 2017
Frontierer 2017
Fuck You And Die 2014Metal
Galaxy Space Man 2017, 2014Progressive, Post, Experimental, Rock
Genuine Aspect 2015Metal, Rock, Progressive
Ghost Iris 2016
Grim Van Doom 2016
Haken 2015Progressive, Metal, Rock
Harbinger 2017
Hatesphere 2018Thrash Death Metal
Heart Of A Coward 2016, 2014Metal
Heavy Metal Ninjas 2014Instrumental
Hemina 2017
Hieroglyph 2017
Humanity's Last Breath 2018, 2016
Hypno5E 2018
Hypno5e 2015, 2014Cinematographic Metal
Igorrr 2015
Intronaut 2016
Invivo 2016
Isaac Vacuum 2017
Jinjer 2016Metalcore
Juggernaut 2015Brutal Deathcore
Jusska 2016
Kadinja 2018, 2017, 2015
Klone 2015Metal, Rock, Psyché
Kora Winter 2015
Kryn Band 2014Modern Metal
Leprous 2015, 2014
Letters From The Colony 2018
Light Of Utopia 2015Metal, Hardcore, Djent
Lo! 2017
Make Me A Donut 2017Metal, Progressive, Djent
Masuria 2016
Materia 2016Metal
Metasphere 2017
Mike Dawes 2014Acoustic Guitar Music, Solo and Ensemble
Misery Signals 2014Hardcore, Metal
Modern Day Babylon 2016, 2015Djent, Groove, Ambient,Instrumental
Monuments 2018, 2015Progressive Metal, Experimental Groove
Nameless Day Ritual 2017Metal-fusion
Ne Obliviscaris 2016Progressive, extreme, melodic Metal
No Consequence 2016, 2015
No Sin Evades His Gaze 2016Groove, Tech, Metal
Novelists 2016, 2014Metal
Now Voyager 2014Rock, Metal
Obsidian Kingdom 2016Progressive Rock, Experimental, Post Metal
Obsydians 2015
Oceans Ate Alaska 2016Progressive, Metalcore
Oceans Of Slumber 2016Metal/Progressive Music
Omega Diatribe 2016
Onward With Love 2015
Ophelias Great Day 2014Hardcore, Progressive
Persefone 2015Progressive Death Metal
Pigeon Toe 2015Rock
Placenta 2014
Port Noir 2016, 2015
Proghma-c 2015Progressive Metal
Promethee 2016Metal, Hardcore, Progressive
Pryapisme 2015Experimental, Avantgarde Metal, Electronic
Red Seas Fire 2014
Rendevouz Point 2015Progressive Rock/Metal
Riviere 2017
Scale The Summit 2016
Second Horizon 2017
Shattered Skies 2014
Shields Uk 2016Metal/Hardcore
Shining 2016Extreme Metal
Sikth 2014
Sithu Aye 2016Instrumental, Progressive Metal, Djent
Skyharbor 2016
Sleepmakeswaves 2017
Soen 2018, 2015Progressive Rock / Metal
Sphere 2015
Stomb 2015Metal Progressif Instrumental
Strains 2016Metalcore
Tardive Dyskinesia 2015Generally... Metal
Tesseract 2014Progressive, Groove, Experimental, Metal
Textures 2017
The Algorithm 2017, 2015, 2014
The Arusha Accord 2017
The Bellerophon Project 2014Djazz, InstruMetal
The Dali Thundering Concept 2018Mathcore, Djent
The Heavy Metal Ninjas 2014Instrumental
The Hirsch Effekt 2017, 2015
The Interbeing 2016
The Intersphere 2015Rock, Alternative, Progressive
The Legion:ghost 2015
The Safety Fire 2014Progressive Metal
The Sleeper 2017
The Sun Explodes 2015Rock
Theia 2018
Their Dogs Were Astronauts 2017
Third Ear 2015Progressive Metal
Tides From Nebula 2015melodies on guitars
Time Has Come 2014Djent
Trepalium 2015Groove, Death Metal, Prog
Twelve Foot Ninja 2017
Uneven Structure 2017, 2015
Unprocessed 2018
Veil Of Maya 2016Metal
Verderver 2016
Vildhjarta 2018, 2014
Vitalism 2018Progressive
Voices From The Fuselage 2017
Vola 2018, 2016, 2015Copenhagen
Volumes 2016Rock
Voyager Australia 2017Prog
[soon] 2016