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Date de création : 2016
Nombre d'éditions dans l'agenda : 4
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Têtes d'affiches

2018 Foo Fighters - Guns N Roses - Marilyn Manson - Ozzy Osbourne
2017 Green Day - Linkin Park - System Of A Down
2016 Iron Maiden - Korn - Rammstein
Groupes fréquents

Arcane Roots 2
Avatar 2
Converge 2
Ego Kill Talent 2


Download Festival Paris 2019
Download Festival Paris 2019

Bretigny, France

Download Festival Paris 2018
Download Festival Paris 2018
15/06/2018 - 18/06/2018
   224€ EUR   74 groupes      
Bretigny, France

Download Festival Paris 2017
Download Festival Paris 2017
09/06/2017 - 11/06/2017
   165€ EUR   67 groupes      
Bretigny, France

Download Festival Paris 2016
Download Festival Paris 2016
10/06/2016 - 12/06/2016
   148€ EUR   40 groupes      
Paris, France

Liste des groupes ayant participé au festival (172)

9mw 2017
Alcest 2018
Alestorm 2018Patagonian Pirate Polka
Alter Bridge 2017Rock
Amon Amarth 2016Melodic Death Metal
Anthrax 2016Thrash metal
Apocalyptica 2016Rock, Metal, Classical
Aqme 2017Metal Alternatif
Arcane Roots 2018, 2016Rock
Architects 2017
Astroid Boys 2017
Avatar 2018, 2016
Babymetal 2016
Bad Cop Bad Cop 2018Punk Rock
Baroness 2018Rock, Indie, Metal
Beartooth 2016
Betraying The Martyrs 2018Deathcore
Biffy Clyro 2016
Billy Talent 2018Punk/Rock
Black Foxxes 2017Rock
Black Peaks 2017
BlackRain 2016Rock
Blink-182 2017
Blues Pills 2017Blues, Rock, Soul
Bury Tomorrow 2018Metal
Caliban 2017Metal
Carpenter Brut 2017
Cellar Darling 2018New Wave Of Folk Rock
Cemican 2018
Children Of Bodom 2016Melodic death metal
Code Orange 2017Hardcore
Coheed And Cambria 2017Rock
Converge 2018, 2017Post-hardcore
Creeper 2017Punk
Crossfaith 2018Metal, Hardcore, Electronica
Crown The Empire 2017Rock
Dagoba 2017Groove/Industrial Metal
Darktribe 2017Melodic Power Metal
Dead Cross 2018
Dead! 2017
Ded 2018
Deftones 2016Alternative Metal
DevilDriver 2017Metal
Dinosaur Jr 2017
Ego Kill Talent 2018, 2017Rock
Eluveitie 2018Folk Metal
Epica 2017Symphonic Metal
Far From Alaska 2017
Five Finger Death Punch 2017Heavy Metal
Foo Fighters 2018
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 2018
Galactic Empire 2018
Ghost 2018, 2016Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Rock
Gojira 2017, 2016Death Metal
Graveyard 2018Hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock
Green Day 2017Punk Rock
Greta Van Fleet 2018Hard rock
Grit 2018
Guns N Roses 2018
Hangman's Chair 2018Rock
Hatebreed 2017Metalcore
Hell Of A Ride 2017
Hollywood Undead 2018Hip Hop, Rock, Metal
Hypno5e 2017Cinematographic Metal
In Search Of Sun 2018
Iron Maiden 2016Heavy Metal
Jane's Addiction 2016
Jared James Nichols 2018Blues, Rock
Jean Jean 2018Post Math Rock Electro
Jonathan Davis 2018
Kaiser Franz Josef 2018Rock
Kontrust 2017Crossover/Rock
Korn 2016Nu metal, Alternative Metal
Kvelertak 2017Punk-Hardcore
Landmvrks 2018Metalcore
Last Train 2016Rock &, Roll
Laura Cox 2018Southern Hard Blues
Leogun 2017
Linkin Park 2017
Lofofora 2016Rock, Metal, Fusion, Punk hardcore
Lonely The Brave 2017
Lost Society 2017Braindead Thrash Metal
Mallory Knox 2017
Mantar 2018Black Metal Doom Punk
Marilyn Manson 2018Suicide Rock
Mars Red Sky 2017Psychedelic Stoner Rock
Mass Hysteria 2018, 2016Metal, Rock, Electro
Mastodon 2017Metal, Rock, Progressive
Megadeth 2016Thrash Metal
Merge 2018Rock, Alternative
Meshuggah 2018Experimental Metal
Miss America 2017
Nesseria 2018Post Hardcore
New Years Day 2016
Nofx 2018Punk Rock
Northlane 2017Metalcore
Nostromo 2017Grindcore Mathcore
Nothing More 2018Rock, Progressive, Alternative
One Ok Rock 2016
Opeth 2018Progressive Rock, Metal
Ozzy Osbourne 2018
Paradise Lost 2017Gothic Metal
Perturbator 201880's Dark Synth Music
Peter Alexander Band 2018
Pierce The Veil 2017Rock
Pogo Car Crash Control 2018Rock
Powerwolf 2018Heavy Metal
Project Black Pantera 2017
Prophets Of Rage 2017
Psykup 2017Metal
Rammstein 2016Industrial Metal
Rancid 2017Punk
Raveneye 2017Rock
Red Sun Rising 2017Alternative, Rock
Rise Of The Northstar 2017Punk hardcore, Metalcore
Rival Sons 2016Rock'n'Roll
Royal Republic 2018Rock
Sabaton 2016Power metal, Heavy metal
Saxon 2016Heavy Metal
Seether 2018
Shinedown 2016Rock
Sidilarsen 2018Dancefloor Metal
Skillet 2016
Skindred 2016Ragga Punk Metal
Skinny Lister 2018Folk, Punk, Pop
Skinny Puppy 2017
Slaves 2018
Slayer 2017Thrash Metal
Smash Hit Combo 2017Rapcore, Nu Metal, Deathcore
Soilwork 2017Melodic Death Metal
Solstafir 2017Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
Starcrawler 2018
Stone Broken 2018Hard Rock
Strange Bones 2016
Stray From The Path 2017Alternative Hardcore
Suicidal Tendencies 2017Punk
Suicide Silence 2017Death Metal, Metal
System Of A Down 2017
Tagada Jones 2018Punk, Hardcore, Metal
Tesseract 2017Progressive, Groove, Experimental, Metal
The Blackmordia 2017Post-Hardcore
The Cadillac Three 2017Southern rock
The Charm The Fury 2017Metal
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band 2018Rock &, Roll
The G 2018Rock
The Hives 2018Garage rock, Garage punk
The Inspector Cluzo 2016Rock
The Last Internationale 2018The Last Internationale
The Living End 2017Punk Rock
The Noface 2018
The Offspring 2018Punk Rock
The Pink Slips 2018Punk, Rock, Synthpop, New Wave
The Raven Age 2016Melodic Groove Metal
The Shrine 2016Psychedelic Violence Rock and Roll
The Struts 2018, 2016Rock
The Wild Lies 2016Metal, Hard Rock
Thrice 2018
Thy Art Is Murder 2018Heavy Metal
Touche Amore 2017
Tremonti 2016
Treponem Pal 2018
Trivium 2016
Turbonegro 2018Punk Rock
Twin Atlantic 2016Alternative, Rock, Powerpop
Ultra Vomit 2018Metal parodique
Underoath 2018
Unswabbed 2017Rock
Vandenberg's MoonKings 2018
Volbeat 2018, 2016
We Came As Romans 2016Post-Hardcore, Metalcore
Whiskey Myers 2018
Wolf Alice 2018Alternative rock