Date de création : 2010
Nombre d'éditions dans l'agenda : 10
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Têtes d'affiches

2018 Ozzy Osbourne
2017 Prophets Of Rage - System Of A Down
2016 Alice Cooper - Black Sabbath - Megadeth - Scorpions
2015 Primus - Rise Against - Slipknot
2014 Iron Maiden - Megadeth - Twisted Sister
2013 Alice In Chains - Danzig - In Flames - King Diamond
2012 Lamb Of God - Marilyn Manson - Slayer
2011 Judas Priest - Korn
2010 Deftones - Megadeth
Groupes fréquents

Ghost 3
Helhorse 3
Megadeth 3
Red Warszawa 3
Redwood Hill 3
Alestorm 2
Alice In Chains 2
Amon Amarth 2
Anthrax 2
Arch Enemy 2


Copenhell 2019
Copenhell 2019
19/06/2019 - 22/06/2019

Refshalevej, Danemark

Copenhell 2018
Copenhell 2018
21/06/2018 - 23/06/2018
   30 groupes   
Copenhagen, Danemark

Copenhell 2017
Copenhell 2017
22/06/2017 - 24/06/2017
   22 groupes
Copenhagen, Danemark

Copenhell 2016
Copenhell 2016
23/06/2016 - 25/06/2016
   28 groupes
Copenhagen, Danemark

Copenhell 2015
Copenhell 2015
18/06/2015 - 20/06/2015
   1110kroner DKK   34 groupes
Copenhagen, Danemark

Copenhell 2014
Copenhell 2014
11/06/2014 - 13/06/2014
   1095kroner DKK   43 groupes   
Copenhagen, Danemark

Copenhell 2013
Copenhell 2013
14/06/2013 - 15/06/2013
   30 groupes   
Copenhagen, Danemark

Copenhell 2012
Copenhell 2012
15/06/2012 - 16/06/2012
   26 groupes   
Refshalevej, Danemark

Copenhell 2011
Copenhell 2011
17/06/2011 - 18/06/2011
   24 groupes
Refshalevej, Danemark

Copenhell 2010
Copenhell 2010
11/06/2010 - 12/06/2010
   16 groupes
Refshalevej, Danemark

Liste des groupes ayant participé au festival (221)

3 Inches Of Blood 2010
A Day To Remember 2015Hardcore
Abbath 2016Black Metal
Accept 2013Metal
Adept 2010Post-Hardcore-Metal
Airbourne 2017Hard Rock
Alestorm 2018, 2013Patagonian Pirate Polka
Alice Cooper 2016Rock, Shock Rock
Alice In Chains 2018, 2013Rock, Alternative, Grunge
All Shall Perish 2012
All That Remains 2011
Amenra 2014post Metal, down tempo, hardcore
Amon Amarth 2016, 2013Melodic Death Metal
Anthrax 2014, 2012Thrash metal
Anvil 2011Metal
Arch Enemy 2018, 2014Pure Fucking Metal
Asking Alexandria 2018, 2015Heavy Metal
At The Gates 2018, 2015Death Metal
August Burns Red 2016Hardcore, Metal
Avatarium 2014
Avenged Sevenfold 2018Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Bad Religion 2014
Baptized In Blood 2011
Barricade 2012
Behemoth 2014, 2010Black Metal, Death Metal
Between The Buried And Me 2013
Billy Boy In Poison 2011
Black Book Lodge 2014
Black Label Society 2014Metal, Rock
Black Sabbath 2016Heavy Metal
Black Stone Cherry 2015
Blood Eagle 2014
Bloodbath 2015
Blues Pills 2015Blues, Rock, Soul
Body Count 2015
Brutal Truth 2012
Bullet For My Valentine 2018, 2011Metal
Butcher Babies 2015Metal
By The Patient 2013
Cancer Bats 2013
Candlemass 2017Epic Doom Metal
Cannibal Corpse 2015Death Metal
Carcass 2017
Celeste 2013Hardcore, Metal, BlackMetal
Cerekloth 2012
Clawfinger 2016Metal
Clutch 2014Rock
Code Orange 2015Hardcore
Converge 2016Post-hardcore
Corrosion Of Conformity 2018
Crematoria 2011
Crossfaith 2018Metal, Hardcore, Electronica
D-A-D 2014Rock
Danko Jones 2010Rock
Danzig 2013Rock, Metal
Dark Funeral 2016
Dawn Of Demise 2014
Dead By April 2010
Defecto 2018
Deftones 2018, 2010Alternative Metal
Deicide 2011
DevilDriver 2017Metal
Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult 2011
Down 2013
Dropkick Murphys 2016Punk Rock, Rock, Folk Rock
Dying Fetus 2012Death Metal
Enslaved 2018Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Entombed A.D. 2016Death Metal
Epica 2016Symphonic Metal
Essence 2013Metal, Rock
Europe 2017Rock, Classic Rock
Every Time I Die 2017, 2013Metal, Hardcore, Southern Rock
Evra 2014Hardcore
Exodus 2018, 2015Thrash Metal
Fall Of Pantheon 2013
Finntroll 2014Pagan Metal
Five Finger Death Punch 2017Heavy Metal
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 2017
Ghost 2018, 2015, 2013Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Rock
God Seed 2013Black Metal
Gojira 2015, 2012Death Metal
Gorguts 2014Death Metal
Grave 2013
Graveyard 2014Hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock
Grusom 2016Heavy, Stoner
Gutterdammerung 2016Rock Opera
Gwar 2011
Hatebreed 2010Metalcore
Hatesphere 2013Thrash Death Metal
Havok 2016Thrash Metal
Heidra 2014Epic power, black, folk Metal
Helhorse 2016, 2014, 2011Metal, rock, hardcore
Helloween 2018Heavy Metal
Horned Almighty 2015Black Metal, Punk, Death Metal
Huldre 2015
I Am Fire 2014
I'll Be Damned 2016Aarhus
Igorrr 2018
Illdisposed 2013Death Metal
Immortal 2012
Impalers 2013Teutonic Thrash Metal
In Flames 2017, 2013Metal
Inglorious 2017Rock
Iron Maiden 2014Heavy Metal
Iron Reagan 2015Hardcore, Punk, Metal
Judas Priest 2011Heavy Metal
Kadavar 2016Hard Rock
Kellermensch 2018
Kill Devil Hill 2014Rock
Killswitch Engage 2012
King Diamond 2013
Konkhra 2015
Korn 2011Nu metal, Alternative Metal
Korpiklaani 2012Folk Metal
Kreator 2018Thrash Metal
Krokodil 2015
Kvelertak 2011Punk-Hardcore
Kyuss Lives! 2011
Lamb Of God 2012Metal
Life Of Agony 2015
Lost Society 2017Braindead Thrash Metal
Lynch Mob 2014
Malrun 2013
Marilyn Manson 2012Suicide Rock
Mastodon 2012Metal, Rock, Progressive
Mayhem 2011Black Metal
Megadeth 2016, 2014, 2010Thrash Metal
Mercenary 2014Melo-Death Metal
Meshuggah 2012Experimental Metal
Ministry 2017Industrial Metal
Mnemic 2010Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing
Monster Magnet 2014
Monuments 2016Progressive Metal, Experimental Groove
Morbid Angel 2011
Mordax 2012
Morgoth 2015Death Metal
Motionless In White 2017Metalcore, Goth
My Dying Bride 2014
Myrkur 2017Black Metal
Napalm Death 2010Grindcore, Metal
Newsted 2013
Night Fever 2015
Nightwish 2018Metal, Rock, Symphonic
Norma Jean 2016Metalcore
Nuclear Assault 2015Thrash Metal
Obituary 2014Florida Death Metal
Of Mice & Men 2014Metalcore
Opeth 2017, 2011Progressive Rock, Metal
Overkill 2017Thrash Metal
Ozzy Osbourne 2018
Parkway Drive 2018, 2013Metal, Hardcore
Pitch Black 2011
Primordial 2015Primordial Metal
Primus 2015
Prophets Of Rage 2017
Protest The Hero 2011
Purified In Blood 2013
Raunchy 2015
Red Fang 2015Rock
Red Warszawa 2017, 2016, 2012
Redwood Hill 2016, 2014, 2012Post Metal
Rise Against 2015Punk Rock
Rising 2012
Rival Sons 2016Rock'n'Roll
Rob Zombie 2017Metal
Rolo Tomassi 2011
Sabaton 2013Power metal, Heavy metal
Saint Vitus 2015Doom, Stoner Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Santa Cruz 2018
Saturnus 2013Doom, Death Metal
Saxon 2017, 2012Heavy Metal
Scarred By Beauty 2013Hardcore, Posthardcore, Metalcore
Scorpions 2016
Sea 2015heavy rock, hard rock, classic rock
Sepultura 2014Metal, Hardcore, Thrash
Sixx:am 2016Rock
Skeletonwitch 2012Metal
Skindred 2018Ragga Punk Metal
Slayer 2012Thrash Metal
Slipknot 2015
Sodom 2018Thrash Metal
Solbrud 2015, 2011
Soulfly 2012Metal
Suffocation 2018
Suicidal Tendencies 2015, 2010Punk
Suicide Silence 2014Death Metal, Metal
Supercharger 2010Rock 'n' Roll, Turbo Rock
Svartsot 2012Folk Metal
System Of A Down 2017
Taake 2014Helnorsk SvartMetall
Testament 2013Thrash Metal
The Black Dahlia Murder 2017Melodic Death Metal
The Burning 2011
The Damned Things 2010
The Defiled 2013Middle Finger Metal from London, England
The Dillinger Escape Plan 2010Mathcore, Metal, Hardcore, Progressive, Experimental, Rock, Avant-Garde
The Hell 2014
The Interbeing 2012
The Kandidate 2012
The New Low 2011
The Psyke Project 2014, 2010
The Sword 2015
Thy Art Is Murder 2018, 2014Heavy Metal
Toxic Holocaust 2014Thrash Metal, Punk
Trap Them 2014Monochromatic Punk of Death
Tremonti 2018, 2016
Tribulation 2016
Triptykon 2014Darkness and diversity
Trivium 2012
Tsjuder 2018Black Metal
Twisted Sister 2014
Tyr 2014Heavy Metal
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats 2014Psycho Music
Upon A Burning Body 2015Metal
Vanir 2011Viking-Metal
Watain 2014Black Metal
While She Sleeps 2018
Whitechapel 2010Metal
With The Dead 2016Doom
Within Temptation 2014Symphonic Rock
Zeal & Ardor 2018Black Metal